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"Great tabs, work on!" - February 2012

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" I'm from Antwerpen (Belgium) and I'm learning to play jazz with tabs not notes. Can you post more..." - March 2012


Sorry, I didn't get the whole comment, I forgot to change the limit on characters allowed to be typed in this field. Now the limit is 1000 characters. I'm guessing that your request was for more chords and scales. Here is a pdf for modes and chords in the key of A major. I hope to add the chords for each song as well as more theory stuff as soon as possible. Merci. - March 2012

Modes in key of A.pdf

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"Looking forward to working on the tabs. I am interested in jazz and this might be the way to get started on the improv... Thanks for your work. The Band In A Box SGU format will be fun to work with. Marc, Monroe, LA" - March 2012

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"Pretty cool website just got The Girl From Impanema sounds cool keep posting please. Jonathon Z. :)" - May 2012

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"I actually like the feel of your transcription which differs from players to players. Love to try more pieces that you have done. More solos... Manila,Philippines" - September 2012

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" I take back my guitar after long years of stops. I discover your site which is great and especially generous. Bravo. It gives me all the more desire to play again. I am eager to find other standard pieces on this site.Thank you"


Jean Claude Merci pour votre courriel. Je suis heureux que vous avez aime mes transcriptions. J'ai besoin de trouver le temps de faire plusieurs d'entre eux. J'ai un autre site appele montemoore.net si vous etes interesse. Bonne chance avec votre musique. Monte Moore - January 2013

Jean Claude - Thanks for your email. I am glad you enjoyed my transcriptions. I need to find the time to do more of them. I have another website called montemoore.net if you are interested. Good luck with your music. Monte Moore- January 2013

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Thanks Matjaz - good to know that its being used!

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Muchos gracias por un comentario, y muchos gracias por un el vino de Argentina i estoy bebiendo ahora :) - October 2013

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