Blue Bossa -

Emily Remler

Written by Kenny Dorham

I transcribed this solo from an Emily Remler DVD called Advanced Jazz & Latin Improvisation, I changed it a bit for ease of learning. A cool website commemorating Emily called allthingsemily.com posted this transcription in the guest transcriptions section.

The Band In A Box SGU file that I used for the background had the style set to J_CARIBE Latin style. I also muted the Strings track and the Guitar track, which may need to be muted again after you download the SGU file, if you want it to sound like the recording.

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Far Wes -

Wes Montgomery

Written by Wes Montgomery

I got this transcription from ultimateguitartab.com, posted by unkown. I made some changes, added the rhythm notation, and created the powertab.

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A Foggy Day -

Bireli Lagrene

Written by George and Ira Gershwin

This is my favorite Bireli electric solo, I only got a couple choruses transcribed. I haven't found this version on Youtube yet, but there is another version that's pretty cool. You can listen to 30 seconds of A Foggy Day for free at Amazon or buy it for 99 cents.

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The Gentle Rain -

Monte Moore

Written by Luiz Bonfa

This is my attempt at a composed solo for Gentle Rain, forgive the conga playing. I used a long Joe Pass lick from Night and Day, and I think there's a II V lick I got from a Bruce Buckingham dvd called 50 Jazz Licks.

The Girl From Ipanema -

unknown/Monte Moore/Chuck Loeb

Written by Antonio Carlos Jobim

The first 16 bars of this solo I got from a piano solo I heard on the radio, if anyone knows who it is let me know. I got the B section from Chuck Loeb, but he played it in octaves. I filled in the gaps.

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Its Only a Paper Moon -

Monte Moore

Written by Harold Arlen, Billy Rose, and E.Y. Harburg

Here is a simple acoustic solo I came up with for Paper Moon. I was trying to create an example that used recognizable scale and arpeggio patterns and didn't sound like an excercise.

Just Friends -

Jimmy Raney

Written by John Klemmer and Sam Lewis

I got this transcription from the Jamey Aebersold Play-A-Long Series Vol. 20, Jimmy Raney: 10 Favorite Jazz Standards. The book is all standard music notation, I transfered it to tablature. You can listen to samples at amazon.com.

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Lullaby of Birdland -

Barney Kessel

Written by George Shearing and George David Weiss

I transcribed this swingin' solo from Barney Kessel, also fun to play as a bossa.

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Night and Day -

Joe Pass

Written by Cole Porter

This is not the unaccompanied version that you may have seen in the magazines, this is Joe playing single note lines with a group. I transcribed this tune in the key of Eb, then moved it to the key of C where its commonly played. Lots of cool licks in this one.

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Paco De Lucia -

Joe Pass

Written by Joe Pass

This is my simplified version of an unaccompanied piece Joe wrote as a tribute to the great Spanish guitarist and composer Paco De Lucia.

Speak Low -

Barney Kessel

Written by Kurt Weill and Ogden Nash

This is from a Hal Leonard book called Jazz Guitar Favorites by Jack Grassel, one of 3 books in the series. I converted it to powertab and the mp3 I recorded turned out to be one of my better attempts.

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Stardust -

Monte Moore

Written by Hoagy Carmichael

I put this acoustic solo together, starting the solo with a Django Rinehardt lick from I'll See You In My Dreams, and later throwing in a cool Jimmy Raney lick from Just Friends.

Summertime -

Corey Christiansen

Written by Wes Montgomery

I got this transcription from Mel Bay Essential Jazz Lines: The Style of Wes Montgomery for Guitar by Corey Christiansen, I may have altered it a bit, I changed the octave section to single notes for ease of learning.

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You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To -

Jim Hall

Written by Cole Porter

I transcribed this sweet version of You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To from Jim Hall's Concierto cd. The mp3 has a few innaccuracies. You can hear 30 seconds of the real thing for free at amazon.com.

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